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We will deliver your packages from European and Japanese online stores to the address or pick-up point of your choice. Do you want us to buy for you? Use our buy-back service. Looking for the best deals every day? Shop at the PirkEU e-shop!
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Transportation service

Shop in foregin e-shops and use our warehouse addresses for delivery. Once you have placed your order, the goods will be delivered to a PirkEU collection point or to the address you have provided.

✓ Order from any foreign e-shop

✓ Use our warehouse addresses

✓ Combine different shipments into one order

✓ Safe and fast delivery from 2,79€

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A quick and easy way to shop from different European e-shops in one place. Buy what you want and we'll take care of the rest!

✓ Best offers updated daily

✓ Different European shops in one place

✓ Fast and secure checkout

✓ Don't delay, because offers are very short and limited!

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Purchase service

Have you chosen the goods you want in an online shop abroad but are having difficulties? Contact us - we'll buy it for you!

✓ Best price offer within 24 hours

✓ Less hassle - we take care of everything!

✓ No binding price - send us an enquiry for a final price!

✓ We'll handle the return process